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      This is kinda scary I’ve never posted anywhere before…
      Here goes….

      I’m ay stay at home mom of 3. My mom use to be kind of a coupon and refunding queen in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I remember a boxes full of upc codes and taking trips to the grocery store using separate registers to get around the store limits. She never taught me how to do it so I’m learning slowly. My husband was out of work earlier this year and as you can imagine things are a little tight. I figure the only household bill you can directly control is the grocery bill, so if you need some extra money or don’t have much this is the place to start. I’ve done OK so far….. Cut 1/3rd out of the grocery bill the first month. I am really interested in trying to use the drug stores i.e. wallgreens, rite aid. I’m trying to absorb all of this great information on this sight. Everyone seems so helpful, it’s great!:039:


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      Dont be afraid about posting on here. You are not alone in your situation. We are all there or have been and have some suggestions to help you out. Grocery coupon clipping is a big help to saving some money but do take time to look over other ways you can save money. I have saved a lot by making my own laundry soap. If you are looking for specific information just ask, if you have information to share please do :).

      Enjoy the site-but will warn you it is very addictive 🙂

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      :039: Nicole, A very friendly site here. Everyone is willing to help each other here. So like Kim, said just ask, If you need help–someone will speak up and help. 1/3 off a the grocery bill is quite a bit. You are on the right track. One step at a time. Enjoy!!!

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      Hi Nicole!!!

      You have come to the right place!! There are so many ways to save – found on this site from making your own cleaners, to where you can find those “great deals” of the week, we all pitch in and help. Jump on in with any ideas or suggestions. This is a great group of friends here and we all love to help!!! Welcome aboard!!!



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      Welcome to the group! I too am learning the whole “coupon” thing. Its a lot of fun to see how much you can save. My best so far was $25 worth of stuff for $3. My hubbie loves to see how much I’ve saved.

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      Welcome to the group! you will find so mush info here, and after you think you have looked at it all you will find more. Have fun!!!

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      Hi Nicole ~

      I am also new to this entiree thing, I posted on my 1st site @ Sept 10th, I never knew these kind of sites were out here. As far as saving money, MYO, and ….. This is all new to me as well. **Then you add the SWEEPS into it. As you might have read, it is very addictive, and the SWEEPS are just like gambling.

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      Hi and welcome. One of my favorite ways to save on groceries is to cross check the grocery ads & circle the item that is cheapest & then take the ads to WalMart & they will match the price if they carry that brand. My neighbor & I used to see who could save the most percentage wise. My best was 77%. She would say I can’t keep up with you. Between the price matchiong & coupons you can save quite a bit. But it takes time & lists. Good luck!

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      By the way I just wanted to say that you guys Rock!!! I’m having so much fun reading all of this great information. I’m telling all of my friends about this sight. I’m absolutely addicted. I think I’m afraid I might miss something if I don’t check it every hour or so…

      Thanks for making me feel so welcomed

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      Welcome to the addiction club. I think we all feel the same way 🙂

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      I check this site several times a day. We keep on we are gonna need a budget101 support group lol

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