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    Hello I am a mother of three a grandmother of one . I work full time and always looking for ways to save money.

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    Hi I am from Nebraska I have one child whom is ten 5’3″ &190# wanting to grow into a marine. Lol As big as he is he is on his way.I joined so I could save some money feeding him.

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    Hi from one Indianan to another. I have a total of 4 adult children and 2 grandsons and a granddaughter. Ages 3 to 7.

    I too am always needing to save money. As of a week ago we are now in the care of the 4 year old grandson. And he’s an eater.

    So need lost of recipes and money saving ideas. And preschool ideas.

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Board Rules & Regs Rules & Regs! hi from Indiana