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      I tried to log in ages ago, it seems but for health issues, I was not able to do so until today. I have been a homemaker, raising my two sons and my husband’s two daughter for several years. They have been out of the house for several years now and I am exploring new things like cooking better, redecorating our house from the top to bottom and now I started 2 small home businesses but in the meantime, I had surgery for breast cancer last month and will be undergoing chemo, radiation and whatever.

      So I will be looking into healthy recipes and whatever it takes to stay well with God’s help and this forum. I am 66 yrs. old and not to old to learn.

      Creedmoor is a small town outside of Durham and Raleigh, NC. Nice and not too busy.

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      Welcome to the site. The best to you as you move forward with chemo, you will overcome this with a positive attitude 🙂

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      Tks. Kim for your welcome and great remark.

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      Hello from Canada! A.s you now try to focus on taking care of yourself remember that when people ask.. How can I help?

      make a suggestion like bringing you to appts, or picking up dinner, (good friends will do for you) accept that it is your time to rest and recover and that there are many people who truly want to help. It’s a journey you didn’t expect to go on but if you try to take each day an make it the best, you will get through this….:tulip-icon: You may consider the blog section to write short entries on your days and progress it may be very healthy to record your thoughts and feelings….sending you happy thoughts.

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      Tks. so much for your welcome. I will take your advise.

      I would love to hear from others that’s on this same journey.

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      Hello and also welcome from Canada. I wish you all the best in this trying time!

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Newbie Intro’s Hi from Creedmoor, NC