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      I am brammtuf1215 and I am new to budget 101.
      I have a question about mice control during our “winter”.
      Some how they find their way into my pantry; which backs up my its back wall to my garage. I have plugged all entry holes that I have found. What can I use to keep them out this winter?
      Also have a cockroach problem.
      Help! Please

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      Hello and Welcome to Budget 101, Brammtuf1215! Good to have you here. Enjoy! In answer to your questions above:

      Mice repellant: PURE Peppermint OIL — Douse cotton balls with peppermint oil and place them around openings where you suspect mice are entering and/or where you know they go, like at the back of your pantry. Another option might be to use a Peppermint Scented Candle in a Candle Warmer placed in the room you are having the problem.

      Catnip is a good Cockroach repellent. Tip: Get rid of any boxes you may have sitting around put food in plastic or glass (I prefer glass) containers for storage (Roaches are attracted to cardboard.) To Kill the Cockroaches: Make a mixture of equal parts Cocoa powder, Flour (Roaches Love Wheat) and Diatomaceous Earth and sprinkle it near cockroach entryways or in places where you’ve seen the cockroaches. OR use Boric Acid (more refined version of the Borax). The compound is purchased in power form which you spread with a squeeze bottle in a fine line of dust along the interior and exterior perimeter of the kitchen and bath cabinetry and any other cabinetry, large appliances, large furniture pieces, and ALL of the baseboards. Leave the boric acid in place permanently, where it will act as a deterrent to further infestation and will kill off the existing problem.

      Note: Not all methods or ideas work for all people or situations. Look in the Household Recipe Section for other ideas!

      Hope this helps! Thanks; Virginia

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      Thank you for responding Virginia. The peppermint oil I will try as our weather cools down. I have everything in the pantry either in storage containers, or glass jars. The rest is canned goods. The roaches appear along the kitchen counter; which I keep clean with no clutter. They seem to like my drawers in the kitchen as well. Is the mixture for the roaches safe for dogs? I have a couple.
      Thanks again.

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      Roaches do not care if your home is clean or not, they will still come. As to the mixture, Make sure you get the Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (even humans can eat it). For the Boric Acid, it will not harm your dogs unless they eat a lot of it. Make sure you just have a light coating sprinkled on, no piles. Hope this helps. Thanks; Virginia

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Newbie Intro’s Hi from Charleston, SC