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      Hi Rhiannon – and some (a very few) are in the UK :>)

      (NB – all links are to where you can download FREE e-books)

      Yes, yes, yes, the bread maker and slow cooker will definitely save you


      I batch cook humongous batches of bolognese and chili and freeze them

      down (old margarine or takeaway cartons are great for this) into

      portions. Then you have home-made, healthier and cheaper, ready meals to

      hand. It also means you only have one huge cook-off, and slow cookers

      are much cheaper to run than normal cookers. Quick tip – use 50% mince

      (ground beef into the US folks) and 50% carrots. This is cheaper than

      meat, healthier (and the kids won’t notice the extra veg!) and you get

      the natural sweetness from the carrots. You can then use the bolognese

      to make things like home made lasagne (soooo much tastier than shop

      bought!!!). I also batch cook other things like chickpea curry, red

      kidney bean curry etc and freeze down into portions.

      You can put a meal on in the morning, eg stew, curry, whatever you

      fancy, and forget about it until the evening. Hot and ready when you

      want it.


      Bread makers you only need to use the cheapest ‘strong’ flour (we use

      budget brands no problem). Using oil instead of butter is not only

      cheaper but will make the bread stay fresher a little longer. You don’t

      need to stock up on bread when you go shopping, you make it as needed so

      there’s less wastage. And nice warm bread, yummmmmmmm. You can also use

      less (or no) fat (oil/butter/shortening to the US) and salt depending on



      Another cost-saving gadget, if you can find one in a charity shop or

      request it on Freecycle, is a pressure cooker. Cooking only takes 1/3

      the normal time.

      I batch cook all my (dried then soaked) pulses in 1/3 the time and then

      freeze down in portions ready for use. Cheaper than buying the canned

      ones. To stop the water from frothing up and blocking the vent just add

      a few (literally only a little bit!) drops of cooking oil to the top of

      the water before sealing the unit. This works a treat, even with red

      kidney beans!

      Have fun too, being on this list and sharing/using the tips is fun and

      can become addictive :>)))


      (in Old Blighty)

      Rhiannon Atkinson wrote:


      > Hi there…


      > My name is Rhiannon, I am a 24 year old single mum to a 5 year adorable

      > son. We are from Australia. I figure that even though most of you are in

      > USA I can still learn many things from you all.


      > I found a crock pot and a breadmaker at second hand type store yesterday

      > seeing as I have heard you all talking about the I got both… my first

      > question is will this save me much money on the food budget?


      > I am very into craft, just started knitting, and I love gardening. I

      > have a worm farm all the scraps go into which gives us free fertilizer

      > for the veggies.


      > My new garden money saver is saving seeds from veg I cook with, drying

      > them out, and germintating them = free plants and veggies! My son and I

      > really get a kick of seeing them pop up out of egg cartons we plant them

      > in (free mini pots!)


      > Looking forward to learning lots from you all..

      > >From Rhiannon



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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Hi everyone.. New from oz.