hi everyone, i am new

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      I think anything 110 fasting is considered diabetic, so a fasting blood sugar is rather high what they used to refer to as border-line diabetic or pre-diabetic. irregardless of your test the best thing you can do is educate yourself. You may or may not have it but either way you should insulate yourself with knowledge.

      Tressa Watts wrote: I have a question….I recently had a fasting sugar level of 105 so the Doctor had me do the glucose test where you drink that drink then they check your blood 5 times. Well the last time the went to check my blood I almost passed out, turned white as a ghost and they had to give me eat sugar cookies? Does this mean I have diabetes?

      Anybody taken this
      test before? I dont have my results until Wednesday of this week and this happened 2 Fridays ago..it is driving me crazy not knowing.

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      Hi Lisa
      I am just know catching up with a lot of e-mail. I read your post and I have an idea. You make of list of all the foods you have available then plan your menu for the week.

      Make small meals six times a day. They don’t have to be big 3 course dinners, just a simple salad with some chicken or a chopped egg on top will do. Even just a peanut
      butter and jelly sandwich for a quick snack.

      Plan three mail meals and three snacks. As a diabetic I try and fit all this in. Even an apple or another type of fruit will work as a snack.
      Gail North East PA.

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