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      I would say call your dr. I had to go through this test for gestational diabetes and I was in early in the morning and by that night I had my results. Patti

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      I have a question…. I recently had a fasting sugar level of 105 so the Doctor had me do the glucose test where you drink that drink then they check your blood 5 times. Well the last time the went to check my blood I almost passed out, turned white as a ghost and they had to give me eat sugar cookies?

      Does this mean I have diabetes? Anybody taken this test before? I dont have my results until Wednesday of this week and this happened 2 Fridays ago..it is driving me crazy not knowing.

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      Hi Lisa
      I am just know catching up with a lot of e-mail. I read your post and I have an idea. You make of list of all the foods you have available then plan your menu for the week.

      Make small meals six times a day. They don’t have to be big 3 course dinners, just a simple salad with some chicken or a chopped egg on top will do. Even just a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for a quick snack.

      Plan three mail meals and three snacks. As a diabetic I try and fit all this in. Even an apple or another type of fruit will work as a snack.
      Gail North East PA.


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