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      Hi Tressa The test they gave you is a glucose tolerance test. The drink is laden with carbs and sugar and after 5 hours your glucose should go up in relation to the amount of sugar you took in.

      105 is not a high glucose for a fasting reading. What you may have experienced is a very high insulin reaction to the glucose they were feeding you in the drink.

      I would surly ask my doctor what they hoped to find with the test they administered and if you are diabetic. It sure does not sound like it to me. If I were to take the 5 hour glucose tolerance test right know my blood sugar would probably be over 200 and they would be giving me insulin to bring it down.

      I am currently on medication no insulin and have been diabetic for 6 years. They may have been trying to see how your body reacts to glucose and how much insulin your body puts out to counter it. If you would contact me at my private e-mail and we can
      chat when you get the results.
      Gail Moncivais
      Former US.

      Army Medic.

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