hi everyone, i am new

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      Where do you live at? Have you ever heard of Angelfood Ministries?

      They have really great food packages you can buy monthly, and the cost

      is very little. There is plenty of food per package deal, and it last

      for a month, depending on how you eat. It is worth it in the long

      run. I am also having to go back them starting next month, my son is

      moving out and I need to conserve my money. This is truly the best

      method and you only pay one set price per month.



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      > hi friends.


      > i am new here with a question for eeveryone, my name is lisa and i am

      > a single female who is heavily in debt. i am budgeting my money but

      > the doctor has just said i am hypoglycemic. how do i afford to eat six

      > times a day?



      > lisa

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