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      my name is Susan. My husband is named Ed. We have been married almost 50 years and raised 4 great kids.

      I am 69 and Ed is 72.

      I am a homemaker. My husband is a welder and still works 25 hours a week. Together we have a small farm.We do not raise a lot of livestock anymore but we do raise chickens for eggs and they are fun to watch.

      We also have 4 silly cats. Our dogs have passed away and I don’t think we will be getting any more. we have a large garden I can enough for each year.

      I also make jams and jellies I trade eggs and extra veggies for fruits from nearby farm families.

      I collect vintage cookbooks and sew up vintage looking dolls and stuffed animals, aprons, quilts, pot holders, I sew my husband’s shirts and I sew boxer shorts for him from left over material from other sewing projects. He has some wild looking boxers!lol

      I am very happy I found this site and I hope to contribute some helpful things and I am looking forward to learning new things from all you nice people.multistars smilie

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      Welcome to Budget101.com. I hope you enjoy the site as much as I have. If you want some quick tips check out the ‘Begin Here’ tab located on the green navigation bar.

      It tells all the difference sections of the site & makes it easier to find things quickly. :5:

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Hi everyone