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      Hi everyone, I am new to this and would love to know more about this site. Has this site benefited anyone? Is it more expensive to make then just buy? I would appreciate some feedback since I am new here.

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      Hi Todd, like you I’m new here and I’ve already tried the Lavender Super Laundry Sauce. – – Lavender Super Laundry Sauce & Softener Concentrate | Homemade Laundry Detergent money1 smilieIt’s a bit time consuming to make but I just spent the same amount of money for 64 loads made enough for 128 loads and enough left over for a few more batches. Of course I will be using the ingredients to make other cleaners also. I’ll have to come back and post how the sauce did in my machine after all that is the REAL test. Wish us both the best because if all goes well we both know we can save money here!money1 smilie

      Take care,

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      Hello. I’m new here too, so “Hello!” But wanted to chime in and add that I’ve been making homemade cleaners for years and they are always more cost effective, often more or equally effective, and HEALTHIER! None of those endocrine and hormone disrupting chemicals. Looking forward to finding new recipes and ideas.

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Hi everyone