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      I just registered. I’m from Iowa and found this site due to friends talking about the Super Laundry Detergent. I want to make my own cleaning products and I think I’m going to find a lot of information here!

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      Hello and Welcome to Budget 101, DixieO! Good to have you here. Enjoy!

      Any questions, just ask. Thanks; Virginia

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      hello everyone I’m from Leesburg Florida, I found this site also by the Super Laundry Sauce, I thought this looked like a interesting site where I could find all kinds of cool ideas, I like to decorate cakes, cookies cupcakes and what ever and make crafty items, I have 5 dachshunds, 1 cat, 9 hens and I rooster, I’m blessed to be a stay at home wife, but believe me I stay busy.

      I do have a question, I first replied by saying Thank you very much but when I hit the Post Quick Reply button it said I did have enough so I could click a Thank you But I don’t see one anywhere some times it takes me awhile to get use to new things

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      Heyluw hello! At first I didn’t see the thanks button either. I am not sure if it isn’t available until you level up after making 5 post or if I just simply overlooked it.

      It is on the origional post. The first to the thread it is a green button in the lower left corner of the post. It is right under the facebook button (link).

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      Hello, DixieO! I hope you are enjoying the site. Hello and Welcome, HeyLuw!

      Good to have you here. You will not see some things until you have posted a certain number of times. You will not see your first few posts (5, I think) until they have been seen by a moderator and approved.

      Enjoy! Any questions, just ask. Thanks; Virginia

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      Thank you so much , it must be that about posting 5 times cause I don’t see it under the fb sign

Viewing 5 reply threads
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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Hi Everyone!