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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Hi Everyone!

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      My name is Carole and I am a grandmother of 3 and a mother of 2, (can’t forget them).
      I love to craft and create “stuff”. I have just started a website on indiemade.com and called it carolescollectables.indiemade.com. Right now I have only a few things posted for sale, (because I am new at that too) but I am working on it! LOL.
      I discovered this site because someone posted “Moms super laundry sauce”, so of course I had to join in on the fun. So far I love what I see, and it’s only the first day!
      Happy Posting!

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      Hello and Welcome to Budget 101, CMeans23! Good to have you here. Enjoy! Any questions, just ask. Good Luck with your website! Thanks; Virginia

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Hi Everyone!