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      I’m Jen, new from NJ. I’m a single mom and work full time along with coahc t-ball, cheerleading and lead a brownie troop. I am also in training for the 3 day breast cancer walk in PA in Oct.

      I’m looking for the best ways to budget. I’ve always had a budget but could always use new ideas. I have 5 debts not including my car and my mortgage. I have a plan which I”m actually starting this month which will get me a small emergency fund, out of credit card debt (in 2 years), car paid off (in 3 years) and mortage gone, all within a total of 12 years. Sounds like alot but considering I just turned 30, this is a big goal for me. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!

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      Hi ! Nice to see some new faces in the forums, it sounds like you have alot going on. If you need fun ideas for crafts for your brownie troop, you can look in the craft of the week projects. I did the soda bath fizz with the boys in cub scouts and they had a great time. It’s awesome that you have a plan! You should create a blog and chart your progress. 🙂
      Everyone here is pretty friendly, so if you need anything, jump right in and ask.


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      Hello! Welcome to the family!! ^_^

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      Hello from Canada….Glad to meet you!

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      Welcome, glad you’re joining in, lots of great budget ideas and ways to save money. I used to use coupons casually until about 3 or 4 months ago. Started with the expanding file and have now graduated to the binder and baseball card holders, I love it!!! Also have 2 other people giving me their Sunday inserts and I can really start seeing some savings now. It’s some work to clip and stay organized but well worth the savings.
      Have you tried making out your grocery list based on the sales ad and then paper clipping the coupons you’re going to use to your list???? or use a clothes pin and clip an envelope to your shopping cart and put your coupons your going to use in there as you pull them from your binder (folder, etc.)

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