Hi All!

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      Hi All!
      Just joined last night and so far all I can say is WOW! There’s a lot of info here and it’s well organized. I’ve gone to other websites for frugality and it can be hard naviagating the site. This one seems relatively easy and there are a lot of boards which is really nice.
      I’m a military wife (Air Force) and we live in Cheyenne, Wy. We’re about $60,000 in debt, make that close to $75,000 since we just bought a new car. What’s really scary is that most of that debt is credit cards/loans. We don’t even own a house, we live in military housing. I’m a confirmed credit cardaholic. No kids, except the 4-legged kind.
      Anyway, I really look forward to reading the forums some more and getting tons of ideas on how to make my own things and get some debt paid down.

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      Hey Michelle!!

      I hope you have enjoyed this site as much as I am…..as anyone if you ever have any questions!!

      Nice to meet you!!!

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      mmclean11, hope you have been enjoying the site. Look forward to your future posts.

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      This site is the best one I have ever seen like it !!!

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      Hope you have been Enjoying the site—I learn something new everyday. You’ll find lots of ways to save here. And there is alot of helpful people here too— Military (bless you and yours) Enjoy

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