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      Hi you need to buy yourself a binder then get some of the plastic inserts that basball cards come in you can buy them at walmart in the stationary area. It is a wonderful way to keep up with your coupons. And make sure to keep it in the car so you have it. I dont no where you are from but I live in arkansas. there are alot of stores here that double coupons so I get alot of stuff for free. Tooth paste deodorant, soap, food, all kinds of stuff. Even if I dont use it or need it if it is free I get it. Someone can use it. Also join coupon trains. Also someone on here said to checkout hillbillyhousewife.com I did and its great. Can save you alot of money.Hope this helps,Heather

      little_naughty29 wrote: I am new to this group. I would LOVE to know how to feed a family on $200! Right now, we spend probably over $800 on groceries… I clip coupons but when I am paying at the checkout, I always forget the coupons! ~*~KIM~*~ https://stores.ebay.com/ed-mkkj https://stores.ebay.com/Southern-Belle-Tarts-by-Linda-K

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