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      Well, this looks like a perfect place for me! After seven years of working at the library, and watching things spiral downward so it was a place I no longer wanted to be, I quit in the spring and am just finishing up a summer at camp, as the head cook–something I did for 12 seasons and left when we moved from Michigan to Indiana. It has been quite an experience (and that’s a whole ‘nother story) and I am less than a month from closing the kitchen down and moving back home to my husband.

      I. can’t. wait.

      when i get home, we’ll be learning to live on one paycheck again. we’ve done it before and i know we can do it now; several elements are going to make it a tiny bit easier than it might have been, as my husband has just weathered a shakeup at work that was rewarded with a raise and a bonus, and with shorter hours for the same amount of pay. so we will have more time together, and with me staying home, i can do a lot of things each day that i used to have to cram in around the evenings and weekends.

      not least of that is scheduling myself to write three hours each day. no more stealing a bit of time here and there; i want to publish much more often than i have been able to so far.

      so needless to say, every nickel is going to count and every nickel is going to need to do the work of a dime. we have one child, a daughter who has just started her last year of middle school, and we are also caring for my aging parents–yep, a true sandwich household.

      i think my best bet at saving is sewing and making over a lot of our clothes, cooking more and eating out less, and de-junking every room in this house–selling anything we don’t want that someone else might, donating the rest.

      so….hello!1heartjar smilie you might not see me daily until camp is completely through, but i’ll be here as much as i can until then!

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      Hello and Welcome to Budget 101, MamaBeth! Good to have you here. Enjoy!

      Any questions, just ask. Thanks; Virginia

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