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      This is a great site. Nice to meet all of you.

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      Welcome. I am new here to. I love all the great info!

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      KrisKris welcome to the site. There is so much information on here. Will warn you if you have noticed yet this site is a little addictive 🙂 but in a good way.

      I look forward to seeing your postings.

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      Welcome, glad you could join us. Lots of great people and information here.

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      KrisKris Hello,
      Alot of good info here. Hope you enjoy being here as much as all of us do.

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      Hi and welcome to Budget101.

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      Hello Kris!!!

      Nice to meet a fellow Virginian!! Believe me you will find alot of useful information and some of the friendliest people here!! I know you will enjoy this place as much as I am!!!

      Lynn 🙂

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      Wow! What a nice welcome. Thanks everyone!!!

      Soooo, um, whats with the bar graph thingie? And what do the dots under Rep Power mean? probably I would find out if I explored the site a little more but I’m at work right now….I don’t have as much time to be on the web at home (go figure!).

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      The bar’s indicate your activity level on the site, your ranking, and how long till you move up to the next rank. The little box under the Rep Power-watch it will continue to grow in no time-is how many posts, thanks you give, thanks you receive etc.

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      hey KrisKris, welcome to the club

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      Hi KrisKris,

      I hope I am not the last one to write, I have been exploring some of the other topics (going to tackle myo cleaning products this weekend, then off to myo cooking products…..) we will see how far i get. welcome aboard, hopefully you will have some time this weekend to visit.

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      New here too! wvdixie, but in Va….

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