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      I felt the same way. The chicken had too much fat and most of the food had too much sugar and fat and I would like my boys to eat healthier.

      Rhonda in TX

      On Sun, Jul 20, 2008 at 1:36 PM, Keith <> wrote:

      While I agree there is a pile of food for the price The thing that
      concerns me other than the veggies and fruit is the high trans fat
      content especially in the pot pies and fruit pie and the highly
      processed chicken,pork and wings that are sometimes in the orders.

      I found that with a strict budget and good shopping I can urchase
      the same amout of “healthy” food for about the same price ,but it
      takes good knowledge of food values to do so.

      — In, “jkppkjjkp” wrote:

      > I know some people are a little leary of what type of food comes
      > Angel Food.

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