Here are a few helpful hints…….

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      Steep your home in a warm and spicy aroma: Boil water in a saucepan,

      then add a handful of cinnamon sticks and sliced orange. Reduce to

      simmer. If you want the scent to linger longer, replace water as it


      Instead of carving your pumpkin, get creative with reflective tape to

      make glow-in-the-dark eyes, nose, mouth and other features.

      Make a pumpkin person by stacking three, snowman style, starting with

      the largest on the bottom. Carve a face in the top one. Make arms

      by stuffing a pair of gloves with newspaper and attaching a dowel to

      each one. Push the dowels into the second pumpkin.

      Put a small garbage bag inside a hollowed out pumpkin and use it to

      hold candy for trick or treaters.

      Candles can be dangerous; use mini flashlights or light sticks to

      light your pumpkin instead.

      If you still want to use a candle, carve a small V-shaped piece out

      of the lid of the jack-o-lantern. This lets the heat from the candle

      escape and keeps the pumpkin fresh longer.

      A white “Lumina” pumpkin makes an even more ghostly jack-o-lantern.

      Give it a funny feature with a parsnip nose.

      Fost instant creepy atmosphere, change all the lightbulbs to blue


      Cut plastic-foam sheets or heavy cardboard in the shape of

      tombstones. Paint names and dates on them, then stick them into the

      ground with wood dowels.

      Spray tree branches black and gather in a vase. Cut red tissue paper

      into streamers and hang from branches.

      Create a mummy by wrapping toliet paper around a large doll. Paint a

      large cardboard box black for a coffin.

      Blow up several white balloons and paint black eyes on them. Hang in

      clusters for the best creepy effect.

      Fill latex gloves with water, tie shut and freeze. Float in a bucket

      with candles.

      Kelly in IL

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Here are a few helpful hints…….