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      If your library has a great selection of Budgeting and super saver

      books that is fantastic. If not I have a few books I would like to


      1. Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn, it is a super thick book filled

      with great ideas to help stretch your budget. check abebooks or Amazon

      for low prices. Regularly about $30

      2. Shope, Save and Share by Ellie Kay more than just shopping but

      helpful advice on how to save and be happy. around $12 but you can find

      it less on Amazon

      3. Penny Pinching Mamas By Jill Cooper about $12 but often the website

      has deals. I bought this book with the following book together for $20

      at on a sale week.

      4. Dig out of Debt-Jill Cooper and Tawna Kellam about $20

      5. Total Money Makeover (at most libraries) awesome book. Taking FPU

      classes is way better though.

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