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      my kids are 9, almost 3 and twin girls that are almost 2. the girls
      will sit for me but the 3 year old won’t under any circumstances. it
      takes two people to cut his hair so sitting and picking thru is not an

      i am planning on having his head just about shaved as that
      will make it easier. i dont want to cut my girls hair because it is
      just so pretty that i am trying to find other options. so far i have
      used the lice shampoo, and hot wash for the linens.

      are there any
      natural things that i can do over and over for a couple of days or
      something gaurenteed to get the bugs and nits out? my one daughter has
      excema so i have to be so careful what i use on her. any ideas even if
      out of this world would be greatly welcomed.

      thanks for all the advice in advance,
      austin, nicholas katrina and alexandria

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      We tried the rid and the nix and neither killed all the bugs, so we suffacated them with the mayo, and combed every night, for 3 days, then waited a week and did it again for 3 more days, because the eggs hatch after 7 days, just to make sure they were gone, wal/mart carries this spray stuff for bedding, vehicle, furniture, you will find it right by the nix & rid, so you dont have to ask, seems to work pretty good.

      We also purchased the metal combs, you get 2 for $8 at wal/mart, and a very hot dryer for bedding, coats, stuffed animals. Hope this helps.. Tami:045:

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