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      The best think that I have found for lice is making tiny braids in my daughter’s hair (think Bo Derek in 10) and slathering the braids (before braiding and after) with vasoline. The vasoline smothers the bugs and lets you comb them out easier. After the vasoline treatment, put on a shower cap or wrap in plastic wrap overnight or two days and then wash the vasoline out with Dawn dish soap.

      Wash hair with lots of conditioner after using Dawn.

      Maybe instead of shaving your son’s hair, you could make him spikes using the vasoline?

      I also do a vinegar rinse on the girl’s hair after using Dawn and before washing with normal shampoo. Someone suggested using mayonnaise instead of vasoline, but the same idea. Someone also suggested mixing tea tree oil in your shampoo to help prevent the lice from taking hold.

      Good luck!!


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