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      I bought a product called LiceFree, but didn’t use it. I bought it only for the comb that came with it. Doing my own hair, it took less than an hour.

      I washed my hair with Nix, not Rid, because I read somewhere that lice are becoming resistant to Rid.

      Remember to bag up the stuffed animals and any jackets/bedding that cannot be washed for at least three weeks. (Preferably four). The LiceFree is supposed to be awesome, I got it cheap at Wal-mart

      I used a cheap Balsam and Protein conditioner, fully saturated my hair and used the comb, now easier to get it through.

      That should work for your girls.

      As for the boy, shaving his head close shouldn’t look bad, my husband keeps his nearly shaved all the time. And hair grows really fast. 🙂 Once you shave it, you’ll be able to see absolutely everything.

      If your kids are itching bad, and can take it, Benedryl can help alleviate the itching.

      Good luck!


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