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      I would definitely recommend getting your son’s head shaved!! That will rid you
      of his for sure 🙂 And their hair grows back so fast.

      The only thing guaranteed to get them all is to pick all the eggs out of the
      hair. I know how tedious this is – my daughter got lice in kindergarten and it
      took me 5 days of searching and picking eggs out for her to be lice free. She
      has extremely thick and curly hair so it would take me 6-8 hours to go through
      her entire head (literally!).

      I did much research online and there are numerous
      advocates of using the chemicals vs. not using them. but the biggest helpful
      thing i learned is to look for the eggs.

      most people (our school included) uses
      a no nit policy. nits are the empty egg sacs left on the hair shaft from
      emerging live lice. it is harder to see the eggs as they are translucent with a
      brown center.

      you can see them much better outside in the sunlight – the light
      will help reflect them. i tried using the lice combs but they pulled her hair
      so i opted to use tweezers and hairclips to keep the sections seperated. at
      night i would sit her directly under a lamp while she laid in my lap and pick
      them out then, too.

      not as effective as sunlight but she could at least watch
      tv and not think about what i was doing.

      you also need to make sure you’ve gotten rid of them in their bedding, brushes
      and clothing. don’t forget to treat the car if they’ve been in there while

      good luck –

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