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      For about $25 you can get an electric lice comb from Wal-Mart. It has an AA battery and it zaps the critters as you comb them, so it kills the adults on contact, plus combs out the nits. It doesn’t hurt to touch it or to use on their heads.

      It makes a whiney noise that cuts out when it kills a louse. You use it on dry hair only.

      For mom or older kids, use a blow dryer. The heat kills them. Don’t do this on young kids as you could burn their heads.

      Once a day I would blow dry all over my head several times, making sure my scalp was hot but not burned.

      Rid or Nix doesn’t always kill the adults – they can be resistant. Once when frustrated with my daughter’s second bout with lice from school, I caputured the adults and did some tests. I put one in a piece of nylon and blow dried it for about two seconds – instant death!!


      I covered a couple of my captured lice with natural remedies – olive oil and lamp oil did nothing to the bug. 50% peppermint oil and 50% olive oil killed it, but that would be really expensive. Mayo works if the bugs are totally buried and thus suffocate.

      Didn’t work for my long haired daughter.

      When I got three young foster kids covered with lice, the electric lice comb was my savior. My kids and I blow dried our dry heads every day as prevention until I was sure the foster kids were clear. When the foster kids would go visit relatives and return to my house, I would immediately use the electric comb on their heads – usually zapped and adult or two – they never did get nits.

      (We did head checks regularly due to these visits.)

      I also found that if you catch the infestation early, no need to wash everything in the house. When there are only a couple lice, they hang out on the head and lay eggs. When the head is full of lice, that’s when they hop off on furniture looking for a new home/victim.

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