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      As a former nurse, I cringe at home remedies. This doesn’t mean that there
      aren’t some out there (in fact, some home remedies are better than science!) &
      sounds like some have tried & found them. I also cringe at the increased
      incidences (or at least seems like it!) and the dumping of chemicals on a
      child’s head.

      I won’t add to those remedies already posted but add a piece of advice.
      Repeated cases are often because the nits (the eggs) are not removed. After the
      first treatment, these need to be taken out, even if you have to go through
      every strand of hair and pick them out. Continue to do this & repeat the
      treatment in about a week.

      And as stated, all the bedding & such needs cleaning…..can’t just treat the
      head, including stuffed animals & that favorite blanket they like to sleep with.
      And chances are, if one person in the house has them, you best be checking
      everyone. You are talking about a living bug that has been shown to live approx
      72 hours when not on a host. Wash, freeze, boil (stuff, not the child
      )………all of these work.

      As well, think prevention. We get a notice if it has been detected in the
      classroom. Try to teach (as much as is possible!) your kids not to share hats
      (in our northern climate, touques are necessary at this time of year so
      transmission increases) or combs, hairpieces.

      Lice has no preference to hair
      color or texture. They just want a warm place to live. Check regularly for
      nits, especially in the back neck area & behind the ears.

      These are especially
      warm & cozy.



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