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      We have had this 3 times. The first time we didn’t get them out of the
      bedding and the carpet and they came back. To rid them of the furniture and
      carpet you can use a spray bottle with bleach water in it.

      The first time I used the rid from the drug store but by the third time I
      had all the side effects that those type chemicals have and we used several
      different things. The one that worked the best was putting vegetable oil in
      the hair, making sure you get the scalp and all the hair. Then put a plastic
      grocery bag over the top of the hair.

      Kinda like when you would put a towel
      on your hair, just done with a plastic bag. Make sure it is patted down all
      around the head. Then leave it on for 24 hours.

      You then have to comb it out
      really well to get rid of all the dead bugs and dead eggs.

      Also if you blow dry the hair they hate that. They will not live in the
      heat. But after you blow dry your hair you need to spray the bleach water in
      those areas.

      A neighbor had used mayo on the hair. I think it works like the veggie oil
      just with mayo instead.

      Hope this helps,


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