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      This is what worked for me. Do all the cleaning things. Use the lice shampoo (Nix is what my dr recommended) and get some metal lice combs.

      I double bagged the pillows and washed the sheets/pillowcases every day for a few days. Boil all combs and brushes. Think about anything that your kids head touches (car seat, back of couch, etc) and cover it with a towel that you change out daily (to prevent re-infestation) and for about 2 or 3 days sit down with the kids and comb their hair out with the metal combs.

      What I did was get a pot of boiling water and put the combs in it. I?d run the comb once through the hair and drop it in the boiling water pot, then pick up the other comb and use it. The key for me was to keep the combs hot!

      My ?theory? is that the heat made the comb swell which got the nits out also the heat ?fried? the nits so they?d be easier to remove.

      That was done on my 6yo who would sit still. My 2 yo, I just doused her head in oil/mayo/vinegar and then after a few hours I chased her around the house for a few hrs trying to comb her hair out. She has real thin hair so the lice weren?t too interested, they much preferred my 6yo.

      She came home from visiting my mom and the lice were literally falling out of her hair?it was gross! After one shampoo and 2 days of using my ?hot comb? techinique (twice a day) her head was clean.

      That was about 2 months ago and they even had a ?lice? scare at VBS where several of her classmates came down with lice but thankfully she missed that episode?.

      Good luck, Let me know if you try the hot comb, I?d like to know if it works for anyone else.


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