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      Ok..maybe not a cure but I sure figured out how to get rid of most of
      the little buggers. I posted here a few weeks ago about my daughter who
      was staying with my mom wound up with lice. My mom spent the next two
      weeks trying to remove the lice.

      She wound up doing two treatments with
      lice shampoo, drenched her hair in oil and then vinegar. Still nothing
      would work. She had millions of nits (how I never noticed them is
      beyond me), dh kept telling me she had dandruff.anyway.

      We picked her
      up yesterday and got her home and checked her was full of lice!
      I would brush her hair with a comb and the darn bugs were just falling
      out on the floor! I was really freaked out at this time so I washed her
      hair once agin with the lice shampoo (Nix) but there were still bugs
      crawling around and I could see lots of nits white ones and darker ones.
      I ran the metal nit comb through her hair and found tons of dark nits on
      the comb and not wanting to run the infested comb through her hair I
      started a pot of water to boil. I would run that steaming hot comb
      through her hair and low and behold all the nits were coming out!

      just kept alternating running the comb through sections of hair. It’d
      get one pass through a section of hair then get dumped in boiling water,
      then pulled out the other metal comb and ran that through her hair. It
      took a few hours but as of this morning I found about 3 white nits in
      her hair and no bugs!

      the key here is to make sure you get the bugs
      out, which i don’t think my mother did. and then come back with a hot
      comb and “fry the little buggers”! i also think heating the comb may
      have made the metal expand a little making the tines closer together and
      would do a better job of getting the nits out of her very fine hair.

      just thinks i burned them out! and just in case you’re wondering, at no
      time did my daughter’s scalp get burned.

      hope this helps someone..


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