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      I have been going off and on to AngelFood Min. here in Pa. now for

      over a year and on the paper that you fill out there is a place to

      sign a person’s name that can pick-up incase you can’t make it at that

      time. This I’m sure is on all of the forms since it’s as far as I

      know the same forms for all over the US. The only time that I had

      ever going to the church to pay for my order was the first time when I

      started. To save gas we can fill them out and mail in with a

      moneyorder and I also send a SASE so they can return my receite to me

      for pick-up. I due suggest before doing this that you contact the

      church or place where or person that is in charge to see if they will

      also do this and don’t forget about the cutoff date for the order’s.

      Do hope this will help anyone that is intersted. I sure have save

      $100’s of dollars on the food bill since I had started with them last

      year. Donna, Pa.

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