HELP! (With Dad’s Stocking)

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      This year my parents are coming for Christmas. I’m so excited because my hubbie & I have never hosted them for Christmas! I’m having a little difficulty finding things to put in my Dad’s stocking. Candy is not a problem. I know exactly what he likes, but I don’t want his stocking to just be candy. But I am at a loss for what else to get. Anyone have any ideas?????
      So far I only have 2 things:
      1.) I got him a gift set with the razor & shaving cream that he likes
      2.) 3 teeny tiny bottles of Tabasco – he loves hot sauce & I thought that would be cute

      Here’s a little about my Dad:
      1.) He’s a Paramedic & Paramedic Instructor
      2.) He is very involved in our church (as a teacher, etc.)
      3.) He & my mom have 4 cats
      2.) He’s not big on chocolate, but he loves sweets

      Please help! Anyone with any “manly” ideas???? I want his stocking to be just as special as my Mom’s. (If you have any ideas for my Mom’s stocking, I would love some more ideas as well, but she’s a little easier to buy for.)

      Thanks so much in advance for the help!!! 🙂

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      A few ideas:

      -Coffee/Tea/Cocoa/Cider/etc in a travel mug ($2-5 at Walgreens)
      -A nice pen & refills ($1-2 at Office Depot right around Christmas in their clearance section)
      – BBQ sauce or tools (something about guys & a barbeque….)

      Not terribly specific, but maybe it’ll help.

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      How about one of those battery-less flashlights- either they wind up or they get shook up to work with no batteries. I got a wind up one at Walmart this summer and I just got 3 of the shake up ones from 123inkjets for $2 each. Kitty treats for his cats. A little home made booklet of teaching tips for Christian teachers. Just a few ideas that popped into my head! good luck filling his stocking!

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      Thanks so much for the great ideas! Keep them coming!!! 🙂

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      What about a gift certificate to his favorite store. Doesn’t have to be a large sum. Wrap it in a small box and place it in the stocking. Another thing I do is put sample bottles of cologne,etc or even a nail care kit in for the guys. How about some cat nip for the cats… Hope that helps.

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      My dad travels about 45 minutes to work a day and always eats out on his day to work so we get him gas cards and cards to restaurants. Just an idea

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      These are all great ideas! Thanks so much! And keep posting! 🙂

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