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      This year my parents are coming for Christmas. I’m so excited because my hubbie & I have never hosted them for Christmas! I’m having a little difficulty finding things to put in my Dad’s stocking. Candy is not a problem. I know exactly what he likes, but I don’t want his stocking to just be candy. But I am at a loss for what else to get. Anyone have any ideas?????
      So far I only have 2 things:
      1.) I got him a gift set with the razor & shaving cream that he likes
      2.) 3 teeny tiny bottles of Tabasco – he loves hot sauce & I thought that would be cute

      Here’s a little about my Dad:
      1.) He’s a Paramedic & Paramedic Instructor
      2.) He is very involved in our church (as a teacher, etc.)
      3.) He & my mom have 4 cats
      2.) He’s not big on chocolate, but he loves sweets

      Please help! Anyone with any “manly” ideas???? I want his stocking to be just as special as my Mom’s. (If you have any ideas for my Mom’s stocking, I would love some more ideas as well, but she’s a little easier to buy for.)

      Thanks so much in advance for the help!!!

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      Ok, here are some ideas I have:
      I don’t know a paramedic out there that doesn’t love the little portable key chain CPR masks (about $4.50) you can buy them at most nurses uniform stores, how about small combs-pocket size if he has hair?, McD’s gift certificates, great for a coffee or sweet tea on the run. Pocket size anti-bacterial gel, a cover (fabric-and makes it more comfy to wear around the neck $4-5)/name tag for a stethoscope ($3), these get borrowed and lost quite easily. hard candies or chewy (my husband loves cinnamon bears). a pen light, fits inside chest pocket, great to check pupils with. Black pens are always in need for medical record writing. Good Luck!

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      For stockings we always make a stocking stuffer run to the dollar store and big lots. Everything in the stocking has to be $1 or less in cost. We also get scratcher tickets that are $1 and a piece of fruit.

      I always get things like small summer sausages, sport themed wash cloths, pens, manly shampoo/bodywash, and candy for my hubby.

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      Thanks so much for all the great ideas! Keep ’em coming!!! 🙂

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      Socks (warm or dress), lens cleaners if he wears glasses, a comedy DVD (if the stocking is big enough). After all, they say laughter is the best medicine!

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      lens cleaners. Thant’s a great idea! 🙂

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      For Dad’s Stocking — nail clipper set, key change with cross on it, book markers (for church or his classes). Book Covers, pocket Bible or maybe a Tees shirt with his Paramedic sign on it. HTH.

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      devotional book for men
      stress ball
      cushioned insoles for his work shoes
      electronic photo frame with pics of his kitties and his family
      magnetic Christian fish symbol for his car
      Chicken Soup for the Soul has a few appropriate titles:
      Dads & Daughters
      Stories of Faith
      The Wisdom of Dads
      …for the Christian Soul (1 & 2)
      …for Christian Families
      …for the Cat Lover’s Soul

      A bible cover
      praise & worship cd’s

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      Great ideas! Wow! Keep them coming! 🙂

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Help (with Dad’s Stocking)