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      I don’t know if it will frustrate him or be fun but Downtown Disney is

      free. It is mall of sorts of Disney stores but it is decorated in the

      inimitable Disney way. There are sometimes activities/DJs happening near

      the dock area. There is a HUGE Disney decorated McDonald’s, a great

      Lego store with awesome huge Lego sculptures outside. A trick you can

      do is at DTD catch a transporation bus to either the Contemporary, Grand

      Floridian or Polynesian hotels (this saves $11 parking at the main

      transportation center). Get off the bus at your chosen resort and board

      the Monorail. You can ride it around the Lagoon in front of the Magic

      Kingdom. Get off at the transportation Center and transfer to the Epcot

      monorail and ride it – it goes through the park. Then go back to the

      transportation center and you can board the ferry boat the goes to the

      resorts or to Magic Kingdom. The monorail and ferry are free and can be

      lots of fun for a 5 year old. Especially if you get to ride up front

      with the driver! Ask a cast member when you are in line for a monorail

      if you can ride with the pilot. Only 4 people can ride up front with

      the pilot at a time. If there is someone waiting ahead of you and you

      are willing to wait it is really fun. We try to do it at least once

      every trip! You can also tour through the various hotel lobbies. The

      lobbies are always so lavishly decorated (especially for holidays) it is

      fun to wander around and look at them. If you are lucky you might spot

      some hidden Mickey’s! (these are shapes that look like the classic 3

      circle image of Mickey’s head that are worked into architecture, decor,

      anything. Better explanation here:

      If you are willing to give up a couple hours timeshares will give away a

      couple attraction tickets to listen to their high pressure sales pitch.

      You just have to go in with “two broken arms” unable to sign anything

      and with only one word in your vocabulary – NO! 😉

      Coco Beach is about 45 minutes from Orlando. They have public beach

      access. That is a little closer than Daytona. It will save gas $$.

      Other than that I can’t think of any other ideas…

      Have fun!

      Diane in GA

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Help with cheap activities in Orlando