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      We just went to Orlando back in November. My MIL paid for the airfare and park admissions but we were on our own for everything else. There are some small fun parks you can go to in the Orlando area.We did not go to them but we saw them. They have little kiddy rides. You can also find lots of really cool mini golf places. There is one across from Vistana resort that you can go to free if you eat dinner at CiCi’s pizza. When you are there you will be able to find all kinds of brochures that can point you in the direction of things to do.

      If you do happen to decide to go to a theme park I highly suggest Sea World. It is really worth the money. I did not think that it would be a big favorite with my son who was four then (he just turned five a couple weeks ago) but it was the high light of the trip for him and it ignited a love of “sea creatures”. Oh and here is a hint to save money in places like that. Purchase the water bottle covers with the straps. We had no problem bringing those into the park full of a drink. This lasted the kids most of the day and saved big $$$. It will save you money even if you are just sight seeing. You can get these at any of the Walmarts for like 3.99. We also packed some small snacks in the kids bags. Nothing big so the parks would not complain when they checked our bags but just a little something so we would not have to buy meals at the park. We usually bought one small treat a day and had our snacks and just had a hearty breakfast and dinner.

      Sorry I was not too helpful. I guess it works out well to have a MIL with plenty of money who lives in the Orlando area ;)~


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      Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 15:53:00 +0000
      Subject: : Help with cheap activities in Orlando


      My son and I are going to visit our family in the Orlando are in June.
      He’s 5 so I’m not paying the money to do the major theme park thing
      since he probably won’t remember it anyway. I was wondering if anyone
      had any suggestions for free or low cost things that would be fun for
      us to do/see while we are there. We are planning 1 day at Daytona
      Beach too.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Help with cheap activities in Orlando