Help w/sick pet pls

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      I agree. Pancreatitis is very painful to humans as

      well as to pets. Your doggie may need antibiotics or

      some kind of fluids to ease his little tummy while it

      heals. SInce you really don’t know why he is

      vomiting, he really should be seen by some one before

      the situation becomes worst. At some of the larger

      vets that are associated with vet schools, they often

      have social workers that may know of low cost

      services, plus you may also want to try local humane

      society. They have low cost vet service.

      — Amy W <> wrote:

      > Check with your local humane society. There are some

      > benefactors that donate for such causes. Otherwise,

      > it may be time to adopt your doggie out until your

      > financial situation improves.






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      > Sent: Monday, January 28, 2008 12:43:34 PM

      > Subject: : Help w/sick pet pls


      > My 4.5yr old Keeshond, Loki, is sick. He’s been

      > having problems since last

      > April with what I believe is pancreatitis. He gets

      > all pukey every 3 months

      > or so, so we have to watch his diet very closely,

      > supplement his digestive

      > enzymes etc. Anyway, with careful management and a

      > watchful eye as to when

      > symptoms are returning he’s been doing well and been

      > his old happy self.

      > Until now.


      > As soon as he started with what we call his rigid

      > “tummy-ache” stand (very

      > stiff, head down in line with his body instead up

      > etc), we blanded out his

      > diet, added the tummy-ache meds to his water etc.

      > And he never did puke. But

      > he’s lethargic, doesn’t even want to be with us

      > (doesn’t want up in bed,

      > hangs in the other room instead of the family room

      > etc). He’s just not

      > right.


      > My problem is that my hubby hasn’t been working,

      > we’re behind on bills and I

      > only have about $50 I can scrape up for a vet bill –

      > xrays and blood work

      > plus the vet evaluation is going to run near $300. I

      > have called every vet

      > in the area and offered to let them debit my

      > checking account monthly for

      > any cost of evaluation and treatment but no one will

      > take a payment plan. I

      > really thought if they had control of putting the

      > charge through to my

      > account each month someone would work with me and

      > see my poor sick dog. but

      > i’ve gotten no where.


      > do you have any idea how or where i can get help for

      > my dog? he’s just

      > barely past being a puppy and i am so afraid there

      > is something seriously

      > wrong with him.


      > thanks for brainstorming with me.


      > monica






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