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      If it is just the tacky glue stuff then you can get it off with peanut

      butter. I like using peanut butter since it stays put when you put it

      on there. Put it on and let it set for a day. Don’t be stingy. Put

      it on real thick. Allow it to set. The oil in the peanut butter will

      cut through the sticky stuff.

      You can also use oil or go buy some goo gone. Yet the peanut butter

      stays and will not run everywhere.

      Good Luck with it.


      — In, “scherrj” wrote:


      > Hi everyone…..hope all are getting through the holiday season

      > well! 🙂


      > I am needing some serious help right now. We recieved three sets of

      > frendch doors on freecycle and boy are they awesome, we have a huge

      > Arizona room and all three sets went in there one is interior now and

      > two are exterior. This is now the main room that we live in since

      > getting the wood burning stove in there. So anyway I haven’t painted

      > them yet because I couldn’t decide on a color and now my family is

      > coming from California to visit in less than two weeks and I need to

      > get this done. Ok now here is my question; they have a very strong

      > tint on them (for desert dwellings, very very strong) well I am

      > trying to get it off and having trouble removing it all and then am

      > left with this horrible glue type film on the window….what will

      > take this off??? I am at a lose. I have started it now so I have to

      > finish it so any help would be much appreciated!!


      > Also, I just have to tell my HUGE (what I am calling) Christmas

      > blessing. We are refinancing our house and when it came to the

      > appraisal we figured somewhere are $160,000 as we have some

      > unfinished projects and such plus we only bought this house 3 1/2

      > years ago for $120,000…..the appraisal came back at $225,000!!! We

      > are so thrilled, as it means we will more than likely be able to get

      > a low interest rate since we will have a googob of equity left in the

      > house after the loan. Sorry…..but I am so thrilled that I had to

      > share.


      > Thanks for any help!!


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