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      I know the list has talked about this but couldn’t find it.

      We are leaving on vacation with the dog on Sat. If I had the money I could kennel him, but don’t. Staying with him on vacation was only $25 more so that was worth it (since last kennelling ran close to $300).

      I don’t want the place to smell like skunk when we leave and the thought of being in car locked in with it for over 2 1/2 hours is not cool either.

      Did tomato & dog detergent late last night.


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      Found this info on a vet website, hope it helps…..:091:

      Either use a treatment specifically formulated for use on skunk odors like Skunk Kleen or Skunk-Off, or use the following formula:

      1 quart 3% hydrogen peroxide
      1/4 cup baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
      1 teaspoon liquid soap
      This recipe can be doubled for bigger breeds.

      Wet your pet down and work the mixture through the pet’s hair. Leave it on for three to four minutes and rinse. This will generally need to be repeated several times.

      Be sure to throw away any excess mixture. Do NOT get any of the mixture in the eyes; as a precaution, place protective ophthalmic ointment in the eyes.

      Note that the above mixture may bleach the hair color temporarily until the animal sheds and new hair grows in. Common antidotes like tomato juice, vinegar, or regular shampoos will not be as effective.


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      THANKS will try this tonight .. I picked up 3# of baking soda for the rugs .. the whole house stinks ..

      this will be bath #2

      I would consider cutting hair but its going to be winter in Maine


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      Keep us posted and let us know how it works!! Yeah a puppy in Maine with no fur :119: that wouldn’t be good!! Then we’d have to find you a pattern for a really warm sweater and possibly pantsI dont know Good Luck, hope it works!


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      Try Dawn dish soap, that is what our groomer at work recommends!! Good Luck!!!

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      never had that problem, but baking soda usually works for us for things like htat.

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      We used tomato juice and that didn’t work. What we found that worked best was vinegar, but the smell still lingers for a while. Good luck!


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      our groomer at work uses dawn dish soap. She swears by it, says it drys out the hair shafts

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      thanks everybody,

      Well I got most the smell out (I think) .. a combination. I think of things ..

      tomato was the first batch with dawn soap .. then more tomato .. light spraying of oro-ban in between(I don’t usually use anything chemically but since we are leaving tomorrow I sorta had to) ..

      then hydrogen peroxide, dawn, baking soda, rinse with listerine .. somewhere in there I also used some vinegar .. Poor dog, he mopes and climbs into the tub and gives me the poor puppy look ..

      spraying carpets with odo ban, and baking soda when its dry .. and lots of vac .. smell is definately better in the house – pulled bathroom carpet and tossed over the railing of back porch and sprayed it hard with odo-ban its going to rain while we are gone so figure it’ll rinse and hopefully dry clean and smell free

      Apparently while at camp I also got bite by a spider and have been having a reaction to that too .. so this week has NOT been productive for much of anything

      Still not unpacked from camp or packed for vacation – I absolutely hate last minute and get wicked ugly .. My head hurts (think its the spider bite) and woozy and want to pack but am really blech feeling .. Thank goodness check in is in the afternoon.

      I still have to cook for the trip


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      Have you had that spider bite checked out? I would if I were you. Especially if you are having reactions including headaches, etc.

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      re: spider bite

      thanks hon for the concern, i think the headache is actually lack of sleep and i had french toast for breakfast. if i have carbs it makes me sleepy

      i called the dr yesterday, but they didn’t bother calling me back. today they are closed. the swelling is down, the rotting skin seems to be stable, and it doesn’t hurt that much (one big advantage of not having great feeling anywhere lol) ..

      a few days back it was much worse, if i could have driven safely i would have gone into the drs, but think its on the mend at this point.

      about once a year or so i would (i thought) bend my ear while sleeping or sleep on wrinkle and have a sore ear, swelling, enlarged lymph nodes, boo boo etc etc .. now i wonder if it was a spider bite back then too.

      since i tend not to pay attention to what i feel as mild pain i don’t check stuff out till way late (stupid i know).

      my youngest son (19) constantly yells at me because I don’t pay attention. “gee Mom don’t you at least smell your skin burning?” (that was from the muffler on lawn mower) I call him Dr Jake cause he sets my bones etc

      Not diabetic (actually low sugar) just lost a lot of feeling in body, it has to be really bad for it to be noticiable.


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      Rotting skin? It almost sounds like a brown recluse spider bite. I would definitely get that checked out.

      I am concerned. Lisa

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      @lcove2000 90395 wrote:

      Rotting skin? It almost sounds like a brown recluse spider bite. I would definitely get that checked out.

      I am concerned. Lisa

      that is exactly what i was gonna say!! was bit by one myself shortly after moving into our new house!! that is nothing to play around with!!!

      please please please go to the dr.!!!! if they won’t return your call, go to the er. don’t mean to scare you but if it was a brown recluse, could be very serious.

      you need to be seen by a dr and be put on antibiotics at the very least!!


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      Here is an excellent and inexpensive skunk odor remover. Living in Virginia and having four dogs, I think it is a must recipe to have on hand. Mix one quart 3% hydrogen peroxide and 1/4 cup baking soda (mix as needed because it can’t be stored).

      Apply to affected man or beast and save the tomato juice for Bloody Marys afterwards.

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      Boil a big pot of water and vinegar takes the smell out

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