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      Hi everyone,

      Well, I’ve finally come up with a problem that seems beyond my
      creative reaches and I need help from pet owners.

      Shortly before the holidays, my oldest son took it upon himself to
      decide to get my kids a puppy. I really wasn’t sure about the
      wisdom of this decision, but my 15-yo fell in love with now-5-mo
      Bullet, a shar pei, llasa apso, Australian blue heeler mix.

      The dog is trainable–more than my kids are at times! lol He does
      try to let you know when he has to go outside. But in the middle
      of the night, when the house is closed up and we’re all sleeping,
      you guessed it, he’s gotta go, and no one knows it, and P-U, the
      stench from these wetting accidents reminds me of an outhouse!

      I had kept us supplied in Resolve till about two weeks ago. This
      month has been incredibly tight, and I literally counted out dimes
      and nickels enough to be able to buy a roll of toilet paper last
      night. I’ve got to stretch as much as possible till about the 24th
      when Mr. Not-So-Wonderful-Powertripper decides to send the
      money again.

      In the meantime, the smell in my 15-yo’s room
      may kill us all, and I would like to solve this problem before the
      landlady comes up again. She plans to show someone the
      apartment before we move (to wherever, I still am looking), and
      I want to be sure not to lose my security deposit!

      Okay…so the bottom line is…we’ve got this horrible smell in my
      son’s room and no money. Please tell me this isn’t a hopeless
      situation that will end up costing me all that security! Can anyone
      help me this time?

      *on both knees, begging while I still question my sanity about this


      From: Michelle Young
      Date: Wed Mar 12, 2003 11:15 am
      Subject: help! 🙁

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Pet Care Help! Pet Odors & Training Issues