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      I agree with the crate; however, keep in mind your dog is still a puppy and
      is not soiling because he is bad, or even because he is not trained, but
      because he can’t get outside to go and his little puppy bladder can’t hold
      it all night. Whether you crate him or not, he is not old enough yet to
      make it through the night without going to the bathroom, so you should make
      arrangements to get up at least once during the night to take him out of the
      crate and into the yard. Once he gets the idea, it is usually a fast
      process, because he will know this is his one chance to take care of things!
      Some puppies I’ve had will sleep peacefully on my bed, and start to squirm a
      bit when it is time to go.

      That wakes me up, and I take the dog out. The
      time between potty breaks grows quickly, and I haven’t had a dog that hasn’t
      housebroken itself by approx. 8 months.

      As for smells, I had had my share of puppy accidents in the house, since I
      foster for several rescues. Although the best way is to have the carpet
      professionally cleaned about once a month (!), you can keep spots to a
      minimum, as well as odors, through *thorough* spot-cleaning. Dampen a cloth
      and blot (do not scrub) the spot, until the cloth no longer comes back
      yellow or brown.

      I then scrub the spot with a damp scrub brush, then repeat
      the blotting process to pick up any particles I loosened. (Very important
      not to scrub before blotting as well as possible, or else you’ll just grind
      everything into the pad.) Then I lightly spray the spot with a lightly
      scented cleanser (I like Orange Wonder, because it has a nice citrusy scent,
      and most dogs don’t like the smell) and sprinkle some baking soda on it.
      When it dries, I vacuum.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Pet Care Help! Pet Odors & Training Issues