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      This will and won’t help you but first and foremost you must get that puppy
      crate trained! Dogs won’t fowl their “den”. Dogs think of their crate as
      their den.

      Until the puppy is older with a larger bladder, crate him at
      night. If he does mess, it won’t go into the carpet. More on crate
      training later.

      The smell. There is a product out called Simple Solution that really works
      well on pet odors and stains. I have no idea how to myo – i know you can
      find simple solution in wal-mart and petsmart.

      there is another product
      called odorxit ( … age-home,g) it
      is web order or phone order but a cat breeder friend of mine with in tact
      male cats swears by this stuff! she said she got years old odors out of
      furniture and carpet with this.

      another product is anti-icky-poo
      ( it too is lauded by a multiple animal owner.
      these all work due to enzymes and other natural odor eating properties in
      them. none of these are real cheap, but they are cheaper than losing your
      security deposit. in the meantime, try soaking and blotting the areas with

      then sprinkling with baking soda, let it sit, then vacuuming.


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