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      My son David is 9 and he still does bang his head from time to time when he’s really upset. I have had him tested for ADD and he’s been to counseling. They have all said there was nothing wrong with him other than needing a different outlet for anger. I have vivid memories of doing the same thing when I was young. My dh thought is a cutter and has been since high school. That is more serious and that’s why I still recommend getting to a doc to find out for sure. I thought had even gone so far as to bite the back of my hands and pull hair out occasionally, not enough to cause problems though or even break the skin. I would take your son to a doctor to rule anything out like I did mine just to be on the safe
      side. David even went so far as to break a window with his head about a week or so ago. It scared all of us and I’ll admit I tore his rear end up once I learned he was ok, then I held him and cried. Not my best moment, but it really scared the crap out of me. He had not even a scratch and the window is toast he was so lucky it didn’t shatter only one small piece fell out while the huge shards stayed put. We taped it up until his Dad could remove it. I know with David having his Dad come off the road (he was trucking and stayed away from home up to 2 months at a time) has helped him. The difference is amazing. I know with me it was I didn’t feel like I had a voice with my parents at all, nor did I feel like I had any control whatsoever in my own life. For David it was missing his Dad, for me it was the lack of control, for your son it may be something else. It’s obvious though that something is
      bothering him. Talk to him and connect with him while you play games or take a walk something that doesn’t scream “parents being nosy” see if you can see what’s getting to him. I know it helped with David even before his Dad came home. We did things so he wouldn’t miss him so much all the time and he felt connected to him. Anyway, I hope this helps. 🙂

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      Subject: : Help on trying to find out if my son has something wrong


      I need some help trying to figure out if something is wrong with my 8

      yr old son. So if those of you who have or know someone with some

      type of emotional or behavioral type of problem could you please tell

      me what the symptoms, characteristics, emotional physical traits

      would be. And what it is they have.

      I will also send a list of what is going on with him to try to

      explain what is going on. But I want to sit down with my husband and

      compile as must info as possible but right now I am stress my baby

      brother is getting married in less than month nothing is going right

      and my family is throwing, running the wedding, making the food etc.

      on none existent funds. Plus I have 5 young children ages 5, 6, 8,

      10 & 11.

      We had asked the doctor many yrs ago if something was wrong and she

      said no he was probably just a highly emotional child but did no test

      or looked any further than my question. When he was young he use to

      hit himself in the head or bang his head on the wall or floor. The

      doctor said it was nothing just his way of expressing himself.

      Like I said above I will write some more once I clear my head and try

      to organize my thoughts.

      But to other people who don’t know him they think it is just another

      bratty misbehaving child.

      Thank You


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Help on trying to find out if my son has something wrong