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      My son is 16 and has been diagnosed with ADHD/ODD. I knew when he was little about the Adhd. He could not get through Barney without doing 50 million things. He also has recently been diagnosed with ODD. Opositional Defiant Diasorder. This is more complcated. since he is very moody and off the wall. Swears every word, fidgety. I can go on and on. You can do a search on line if you have an idea of what is going on. Then some sites have check lists. I would fill it out and bring it to the pediatrician,. At that point they should direct you to where ever you need to be seen for a correct diagnosis. i worked for health insurance and Dr. office before I left to be a SAHM. If you need anything please ask. i will wait until you post the symptoms that you are seeing. Hope this sort of helped. Dee

      bergeronkids5 wrote: Hi,

      I need some help trying to figure out if something is wrong with my 8
      yr old son. So if those of you who have or know someone with some
      type of emotional or behavioral type of problem could you please tell
      me what the symptoms, characteristics, emotional physical traits
      would be. And what it is they have.

      I will also send a list of what is going on with him to try to
      explain what is going on. But I want to sit down with my husband and
      compile as must info as possible but right now I am stress my baby
      brother is getting married in less than month nothing is going right
      and my family is throwing, running the wedding, making the food etc.
      on none existent funds. Plus I have 5 young children ages 5, 6, 8,
      10 & 11.

      We had asked the doctor many yrs ago if something was wrong and she
      said no he was probably just a highly emotional child but did no test
      or looked any further than my
      question. When he was young he use to
      hit himself in the head or bang his head on the wall or floor. The
      doctor said it was nothing just his way of expressing himself.

      Like I said above I will write some more once I clear my head and try
      to organize my thoughts.

      But to other people who don’t know him they think it is just another
      bratty misbehaving child.

      Thank You

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Help on trying to find out if my son has something wrong