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      True ADD or ADHD is a neuorlogical / chemical condition. It is not learned. My son was born ADHD. He did not go to Day Care and he showed symtoms well before kindergarten. Unfortunately many normal children are wrongly diagnosed as ADD or ADHD. Normal kids with short attention spans and high energy levels are often labeled because they don’t conform to the class room system.
      A teacher is not qualified to diagnos ADD/ ADHD. A Pediatrician or family MD is not qaulified to diagnos ADD/ADHD. A true diagnosis requires a team evaluation. My son was examined by a psychiatrist, psychologist, and a neorologist. They gave him a complete psychological evaluation. He was observed on several occaisions. Sometimes he had no idea that the Dr’s were watching through two way mirror walls. He also had complete cat scans and other neurological test. After several weeks and abrief trial with meds he was diagnosed.
      Three years later we were required to repeat the evaluation process with a different team of Drs. The second team reached the same joint conclusion.
      If a child has been properly evaluated on several occaisions, under different conditions by a team of specialist then accept the diagnosis. If a MD watched behavior for a few minutes and then wrote an RX, ( which often happens) then you are on the medical treadmill where they just throw a pill at everything.
      Because so many kids are wrongly diagnoses and put on meds, many people think that there are no legitimit cases. That is just plain wrong. There are true cases of ADD / ADHD and medicine ( even Ritalin) does help them. For us Ritalin was like a miracle from God.


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      One of the things you mentioned was that your son banged his head against things when he was 5 or 6. Does he continue to do that? Was it a phase? Repetitive motions are usual in autistic kids. Another very big one is language problems.

      Many of your observations also fall into the ADD/ADHD categories.

      Insane Mom to J, J, N, L, B, H, N, N, N, B, B, K, K, T, S, R
      ages 29y – 14mo (but only 10+ kids at home now)

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      It sounds like a mild form of autism to me. I could be way off base. I’ve only cared for a few children with autism. But this would fit them to a T.


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      Sorry it took me so long to get back to everyone but my plate has been increasingly full besides my own 5 kids ages 5, 6, 8, 10 & 11I have been helping out family members by minding their kids here and there for a couple of days at a time over night ages 11mths, 15mths, 30mths & 4 yrs. And my baby brother is getting married this Sunday.

      Well here is the list that I can think of @ the moment

      1. very emotional

      2. gets upset very easy

      3. talks very loud (most of the time)

      4. highly excitable

      5. always on the go (sometimes has trouble sitting still)

      6. alot of time we need to repeat what we say

      7. needs to be touching someone most times (very clingy at times)

      8. needs to be reassured, always needing a hug, kiss, hold hands or to say I Love You even if it is many times with in a few minutes

      9.gets very whinny & moody @ times

      10. has been getting short tempered & angry easier with siblings

      11. to someone who doesn’t know him it looks like a bratty kid throwing a tantrum and we think it is more than that. He is a very bright, (cooperative and helpful boy usually)

      12. he does not sleep through the night he will wake up early morning and come in our room and sleep on the floor next to my side of the bed

      13. he sweats horribly at times during the day (worse than all the other kids) and while he sleeps he is soaked in sweat.

      14. when he was a baby he wasn’t much into being touched

      15. when he was about 5 or 6 when he was upset he would either hit himself or bang his head on the floor or wall

      Any input, ideas & suggestions would be greatly appreciated

      Thank YouVery Much

      Best Wishes

      Christine & Justyn (8)

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      Subject: Budget101.com : Help on trying to find out if my son has something wrong
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      Date: Monday, June 23, 2008, 6:28 PM


      I need some help trying to figure out if something is wrong with my 8
      yr old son. So if those of you who have or know someone with some
      type of emotional or behavioral type of problem could you please tell
      me what the symptoms, characteristics, emotional physical traits
      would be. And what it is they have.

      I will also send a list of what is going on with him to try to
      explain what is going on. But I want to sit down with my husband and
      compile as much info as possible but right now I am stressed my baby
      brother is getting married in less than amonth nothing is going right
      and my family is throwing, running the wedding, making the food etc.
      on none existent funds. Plus I have 5 young children ages 5, 6, 8,
      10 & 11.

      We had asked the doctor many yrs ago if something was wrong and she
      said no he was probably just a highly emotional child but did no test
      or looked any further than my question. When he was young he use to
      hit himself in the head or bang his head on the wall or floor. The
      doctor said it was nothing just his way of expressing himself.

      Like I said above I will write some more once I clear my head and try
      to organize my thoughts.

      But to other people who don’t know him they think it is just another
      bratty misbehaving child.

      Thank You

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