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      Get a Money book or a computer programas Quick books

      make a list of all the major bills, food,clothes entertaiment etc.

      Then once everything is paid down

      see what is left

      put the rest in a savings account

      It’ll kill at first but i will help you in the long run and become an

      aouautomatic system for you

      it has helped for me


      — In, “shadistin3” wrote:


      > I am a working mother of 3. My husband and I make decent money but


      > are always broke!!!!!!!!! We never are able to keep the bills in

      > line. A lot of it is my fault. I just can’t seem to buckle down.


      > don’t manage money well. I need tips on saving money on food,

      > household items, etc……I don’t blow money, I just don’t put

      > important things first then I freak out when I am behind. Sounds

      > immature I know. Any advice would be helpful.


      > Thank you.

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