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      To save money on food, start making everything from scratch. is a good website for inexpensive recipes. My

      kids love the Peanut Butter Cookie cereal from that site for

      breakfast. There are also granola cereal recipes if you want cold

      cereal. Also, check out for recipes, too. If you like

      to make things from mixes, they have a lot of mix recipes:

      There are lots of household recipes, too:

      If you get the toolbar, you’ll have these and other cool stuff easily

      accessible right at your fingertips:


      — In, “shadistin3” wrote:


      > I am a working mother of 3. My husband and I make decent money but we

      > are always broke!!!!!!!!! We never are able to keep the bills in

      > line. A lot of it is my fault. I just can’t seem to buckle down.


      > don’t manage money well. I need tips on saving money on food,

      > household items, etc……I don’t blow money, I just don’t put

      > important things first then I freak out when I am behind. Sounds

      > immature I know. Any advice would be helpful.


      > Thank you.

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