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      Are you on Dave Ramsey’s babystep program? (can’t remember).

      First step is to have $1000 in savings. Second step to get completely out

      of debt except for house, and third is to put 3-6 months bills in the bank.

      On Sat, Jul 26, 2008 at 11:52 AM, Suzi McMullen <> wrote:

      > Very true. I am going to get the groceries down first and then tackle

      > the rest. For the last few years we have had a very bad habit of spending

      > 300+ per month on fast food, pizza hut etc. Being open 7 days per week and

      > serving 3 meals and 3 snacks per day can become really exhausting. So I

      > always tell myself we’ll do it now and then we’ll cook all week. But it

      > doesn’t work out that way. So if I learn to discipline myself to cook no

      > matter what, buy from Angel Food Ministries and follow the sales for

      > everything else, I think I can free up as much as 400-600 per month. I

      > really want to get about 3 months worth of bills in the bank. That really

      > ought to be my next step with this savings.


      > Suzi

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      > From: J Diane Northcutt

      > Subject: Re: : Budgeting Issues


      > I agree , you can make a budget based on averages for the last few months.

      > If you know some figures for sure ,then put those in that way.

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