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      Very true. I am going to get the groceries down first and then tackle the rest.

      For the last few years we have had a very bad habit of spending 300+ per month

      on fast food, pizza hut etc. Being open 7 days per week and serving 3 meals and

      3 snacks per day can become really exhausting. So I always tell myself we’ll do

      it now and then we’ll cook all week. But it doesn’t work out that way. So if I

      learn to discipline myself to cook no matter what, buy from Angel Food

      Ministries and follow the sales for everything else, I think I can free up as

      much as 400-600 per month. I really want to get about 3 months worth of bills

      in the bank. That really ought to be my next step with this savings.


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      From: J Diane Northcutt

      Subject: Re: : Budgeting Issues

      I agree , you can make a budget based on averages for the last few months. If

      you know some figures for sure ,then put those in that way.


      sending, if you need directions on how to trim your messages properly, please


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