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      So, why don’t you have a joint account that jointly gets the paychecks (your

      irregular one and his regular one) and jointly pays the bills? It don’t

      sound like things are any too fair ….

      And they are not “my bills” – they are “our bills.” Personal property taxes

      need to be set aside a little bit each month – they are not a surprise. We

      know they are coming all year and we know exactly when and pretty much the

      amount. The medical deductible you know up front about…. that month also

      gets set aside a little bit every month to make up next year’s amount. It

      is not a surprise and should not catch you off guard. If you have a

      household of glasses, new glasses are also not a surprise (catch a theme

      here?)…. I pretty much know that three of us will need new glasses every

      year and how much the insurance deductible is – same story….

      This is where your savings comes in. No more bad months!!! No more feeling

      like you have to do it all. You are on top of things.

      On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 5:22 AM, Suzi McMullen <> wrote:

      > I’d have to make a budget nearly every other day. I get paid by

      > someone almost everyday. It comes in 40 here, 25 there, 75, 120, etc. My

      > bills are all due at all times of the month too.

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