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      I’d have to make a budget nearly every other day. I get paid by someone almost everyday. It comes in 40 here, 25 there, 75, 120, etc.

      My bills are all due at all times of the month too. I have automatic payments going to life insurance, auto insurance, all the utility companies, several credit cards and I have automatic payments coming out to accounts I’ve set up to hopefully put a little savings away. But in reality I use those accounts to pay down some of the small accounts I’m trying to get rid of.

      My husband gets paid every other week and he’s always chosen some bills to pay that stay exactly the same. Then he brags he is staying in a budget. But in reality it’s just that he passes the buck to me.

      I’ll never forget times we’ve had an appliance, a car repair and say some big bill like personal property taxes come due all in the same month. I’d be the one making that happen. The kids get sick, medical deductibles, medicines to buy, everyone needs new glasses, again it’s me.

      These are the reasons why store accounts were invented that ended up becoming credit. Personally, it doesn’t bother me to be 50,000 in debt…not too much anyway. Sure I think about it and I try to make a plan.

      But I work hard and I’m willing to do what it takes. I fill in any little gaps I can with drop in daycare kids so that I maximize my earnings. I have nothing late at all on my credit history.

      But my credit score is like 650 just because of the volume of debt I have. That’s my main reason for trying to pay things off, that and the interest that’s going out.



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      When we went through the Financial Peace course, they taught us to make a new budget evey single month. Every month is different. Income may be different, obligations may be different.

      Dave Ramsey teaches you to plan each month individually.

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      From: Suzi McMullen
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      I guess I don’t understand the concept of setting a budget at some arbitrary amount that includes savings if savings isn’t there.
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